Sanskrit for Beginners

Sanskrit for Beginners

We are pleased to invite you to take part in “Sanskrit for Beginners”, a course to learn Sanskrit Language from the basic. It will be held on 29th May 2017 – Monday (Bank holiday) between 4 pm to 6 pm at Saiva Munnettra Sangam UK (Registered Charity). Her Holiness Swamini Atmaprakashananda Saraswati will deliver the introduction to the course and its structure. Thereafter Swamini’s disciple Ms Nandana will conduct the classes on a regular basis. It is a great opportunity to learn the Sanskrit language and it special place in Hinduism.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Sanskrit Course Coordinator.

S M S UK - Saiva Siddhānta Study Centre.

2 Salisbury Rd, Manor Park, London E12 6AB

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Why Sanskrit

Sanskrit is rich in vocabulary, literature and meanings. It has great influence in all the religious texts originated from the Indian Sub-Continent and its languages including Tamil. Sanskrit stands close to the root of English and most other European languages, classical and modern. Many English words are related to words and word forms that also exist in Sanskrit. By studying the language one can widen their horizon for its role as the source of spiritual knowledge and its impact on other languages.

What is the course about?

Sanskrit has been central to rituals and worships. Its philosophical literature presents a clearly structured way of understanding our relationship to the rest of creation and lays out guidelines on how to live life well. Therefore the course introduces the content of the Vedas, epics, key dharma and yoga texts as well as a working knowledge of thegrammar. The course is based on the syllabus of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

What is the teaching method of the course? 

 The course is taught in English and assists students in developing their skills in reading, writing and understanding basic Sanskrit. There is regular practice in reading and pronunciation.

What will we cover?

A broad overview of the grammatical structure, and of its role as the repository of spiritual knowledge.  

What level is the course and does one need any particular skills?

This is a beginner’s course. Knowledge of Sanskrit alphabets (Devanagai scripts) would be useful but not essential.     

What is the duration of the course?

 Summer Term: - Jun to Aug 2017     (4th & 18th Jun, 2nd & 16th Jul, 6th & 20th Aug) – 6 Sessions

 Autumn Term: - Sep to Dec 2017     (3rd & 17th Sep, 1st & 15th Oct, 5th & 19th Nov, 3rd Dec) -7 Sessions

Spring Term: -    Jan to Apr 2018      (21st Jan, 4th & 18th Feb, 4th & 18th Mar, 1st & 22nd Apr) -7 Sessions

Course will be conducted in class room atmosphere from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm on 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month. In addition to the above lessons, question and answer sessions will be conducted on 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month through Skype or Zoom. (Time to be arranged)

What will I achieve?

By the end of this course you should be able to have a working knowledge of the grammar of Sanskrit and able to understand basic concepts of Epics, Vedas and Yoga. The course is structured to deal with  the examination of International General Certificate of Secondary Education’s (IGCSE) basic level examination (option A) or the  higher level (Option B ) examination. 

Are there any other cost?

Please bring pen and note pad. In addition to lecture notes, you will be recommended to obtain a text book.  A small donation will welcome as it will help us meet (be expected for each term to cover) the overheads of running the course.

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