Humanitarian out reach assistance

Humanitarian out reach assistance

Our Sincere thanks to all organisations and volunteers who provide invaluable assistance...

Organisations we work with:

  1. KM Foundation (Sri Lanka)
  2. AEDU (UK)
  3. Assist RR (UK)
  4. Assist RR (Sri Lanka)
  5. Rotary Club (Mullithevu)
  6. Vision 2020 (Sri Lanka)
  7. Children Hunger Relief Fund (UK)
  8. SLST Sustainable Lively Source Trust (Sri Lanka)
  9. Tech Out Reach (Malaysia)
  10. Heifer International (Nepal)
  11. Akshaya Patra (UK)
  12. Akshaya Patra (India)
  13. Old Boys Jaffna Hindu (92 Batch) (UK)
  14. Naalvar Kottam (Kalmuni)

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