Wedding ceremonies for underpriveleged 40 couples in Sri Lanka

Wedding ceremonies for underpriveleged 40 couples in Sri Lanka

The Sangam has achieved 40 years of service to the community since its inauguration in 1977. By the grace of God and the support of our well-wishers, the Sangam has grown over the years and has undertaken numerous endeavours to help people, and reaching this significant milestone spurs us on to achieve even greater heights in community service.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Sangam, various charitable ventures are being planned. One of our ventures is to organise the wedding ceremonies for 40 couples in Sri Lanka who have been affected by the war and, thus, are in an abysmal economic state. The Sangam aims to fund the costs involved in organising a wedding, so that couples who are unable to proceed with wedded life due to financial constraints are able to do so.  We humbly request your support in this venture to achieve our goal of organising 40 wedding ceremonies, to give these couples a helpful start to their family lives.  Without the assistance of community- minded individuals, just like you, we aren’t able to serve those in need.  100% of donations will go towards the ceremonies and none will be spent on administrative costs. Further information about  this project can be found on the Sangam’s website.  

Please consider marking our 40th year anniversary with a gift for these young couples


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Published By: Administrator Published Under: Overseas Projects Published On: 01 Feb, 2017

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